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2D Fighting Game Chaos Code Now on Location Test

Another upcoming arcade title to sample in Akihabara.


As if Love Plus Arcade, Super Street Fighter IV and Red Katana weren't enough, visitors to Akihabara this weekend might have stumbled upon another game on early location test. F K Digital put its new fighting game Chaos Code on display at Club Sega. It will be available until the 28th.

Chaos Code is a 2D fighting game that uses a standard 8-way lever and four button (weak punch, weak kick, strong punch, strong kick) system. You can customize your character prior to the fight, selecting two "edit special moves" from four possibilities to go along with the character's built-in attacks. You can also select between "run" and "step" modes, placing the focus respectively on speed and technical play.

The game makes use of a couple of systems that can quickly change the flow of battle. Destruction Chaos is a high level super move that can eliminate half your opponent's life gauge if you get it to connect. Exceed Chaos puts your character into a special status which removes limitations on combos.

The location test version offers 11 characters, including main character Hikaru Otagi, the "mysterious goth lolita" Celia, the western Chinese food chef Bravo Peperoncine, the cos player knight Catherine, and twins Cait & Sith.

You'll find introductions to these characters, complete with move lists, and further details on gameplay at the official site.

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