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Capcom Aiming to Increase Resident Evil Output

Company hopes to fight falling sales and earnings by releasing more software.


Capcom will be upping its output of Resident Evil and other major titles, according to a report from Nikkei's web edition.

As part of a general report on attempts by publishers to reduce development times, the site states that Capcom aims to increase output of new entries in popular series like Resident Evil from the current two titles per year to three or four titles per year.

Developing a large scale title requires a staff of over 100. To increase output, Capcom plans on making use of outsourcing, centered primarily on North American and European studios. Through the use of external resources, Capcom believes it can reduce development times from four years to between two and three years.

[Note: A previous version of this story suggested that Capcom is aiming to release three or four Resident Evil games per year. The Nikkei is actually referring to three or four major releases from various popular series in a given year. Resident Evil Kart Racing is still probably a ways off.]

Capcom's goal in all of this is to avoid the falling sales and earnings it experienced last year. The company aims to stabilize earnings by releasing more software.

Visit Nikkei for the full Japanese-language report (registration required).

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