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Tales of Graces, New Tales Game Set for PS3

Namco Bandai's summer Tales surprise is a big one indeed!

PS3 owners will get some of this later this year!

The Tales series looks like it will be making PlayStation 3 its new home for the next batch of major releases. Based off leaked info from this week's issue of Jump, PS3 will be getting two Tales games. And not to be left out, PSP will be getting a new Tales game of its own.

(Gaming blog Hachimaki reports that this information has been confirmed by some in-the-know Tales fans.)

One of the PS3 games isn't actually new. Namco Bandai will be bringing Wii's Tales of Graces to PS3. The game will carry the name Tales of Graces F when it arrives this Winter.

PS3 players can expect a number of improvements, including added special attacks for battle, a new outfit for pigtailed heroine Sophie, and the expected visual improvements .

The other PS3 Tales game is currently nameless. The magazine describes it simply as "New Tales." While not sharing any details, the magazine did post a first image illustration.

For PSP, Namco Bandai is readying Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3. This latest Tales offshoot will feature appearances by over 80 Tales series characters, most notably Tales of Graces hero Aspel. The PSP game is scheduled for release in 2011.

If Aspel is your thing, you can also look forward to an upcoming password that makes Aspel appear in Tales of Phantasia X, complete with voice.

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