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Nintendo's Sales and Earnings Fall

Company points to rising yen and lowering of DS price as reason for the slowdown.

Nintendo's corporate headquarters in Kyoto.

Nintendo released its quarterly earnings statement today, showing a drop in sales and earnings for the first quarter (April through June). As reason for the drops, the company blamed the appreciation of the yen and the lowering of the DS price.

The company did ¥188,646 million in sales over the three month period, down from the ¥253,498 million of the same period last year. Operating income was down from ¥40,401 million to ¥23,342 million.

There were some successes for the company over the fiscal period. Super Mario Galaxy 2, released in May, has sold 4.09 million units worldwide. The company also pointed to continued success for Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver and Tomodachi Collection, both of which were released last year.

DS sold 3.15 million units over the three months, down sharply from the 5.97 million of the same period last year. The system has now sold 132.04 million units worldwide.

Wii saw a gain from last year's 2.23 million units to 3.04 million units, bringing its life to date to 73.97 million units.

Both platforms saw drops in software sales for the period. DS software sales fell from last year's 29.09 million units to 22.41 million units. The system has sold a total of 740.93 million pieces of software so far. Wii sold 28.17 million games during the three months, down from the 31.07 million of last year. The system has sold 573 million units since launch. These figures do not include download games.

You can see more from Nintendo's earnings at its investor relations page.

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