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Date Set for Virtual On Force

Sega readying sweet limited edition bundle for Virtual On fanatics.


Sega announced today a final release date for Virtual On Force. The Xbox 360 home conversion of the four player arcade title will release on December 22, priced at ¥6,090.

Different from the conversion of Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, Force is a retail release. This means Sega will be able to give it a limited edition. Virtual On fanatics will be able to pick up the "Virtual On Force Memorial Box 15" limited edition. This ¥10,290 bundle includes:

Virtual On Official Sound Data 4x6
A six disc soundtrack covering all four entries in the series.
Virtual On Chronicle 15
A B5 booklet detailing the 15 year history of the series.

The bundle will come in a box with artwork from Hajime Katoki. According to the VO Force official blog, this is the first time Katoki has designed a jacket since the Dreamcast version of Oratorio Tangram.

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