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Dream Club Portable Gets a Date and PV

Portable hostess simulator arrives in October. First PV shows all the new features.


D3 Publisher announced today a release date of October 28 for Dream Club Portable. The game will be priced ¥5,040 and will include a product code for a limited costume as a first print bonus.

Dream Club Portable is a PSP version of Xbox 360's hostess simulator Dream Club. The portable version includes the same lineup of girls as the original, as well as the same basic gameplay systems.

New features include support for "tate" vertical mode for viewing the girls during their karaoke dances. The girls will also drink during karaoke sequences.

Also new for PSP is a clock feature called "Dream Clock." The game's popular receptionist character, while not selectable as a hostess, will tell you the time and also share useful bits about the hostesses.

Joining the date announcement, D3 shared promotional video for the game. The video begins by asking you if you have a pure heart -- the condition for entering the original Dream Club. It then asks you if you have a PSP.

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, view the trailer below:

The video promises additional new features beyond what's been announced. We'll presumably hear about these in the coming months.

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