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Your Next Idolmaster 2 PV

Five idols dance it up to The World is All One in this complete version of a video that recently aired on NHK.


We got a glimpse of Idolmaster 2 idols Iori, Ritsuko, Chihaya, Yukiho and Miki dancing it up to "The World is All One" a couple of weeks back courtesy of an NHK special. Today, Namco Bandai shared a full version of the clip.

The full three minute clip begins with a glimpse of the game's adventure component, allowing us to see just how advanced the cell shaded visuals have become since the original. This is followed by the five girls performing "The World is All One" in full.

View the clip here:

Idolmaster 2 is due for Xbox 360 release in Spring 2011.

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