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Tactics Ogre: The First Trailer

Square Enix gives the PSP "rebuilding" a proper official site, with a first teaser video.


You've seen the screenshots. Now get your first look at Tactics Ogre in motion... sorta.

A teaser video from the official site shows the game's background story, and that's about it! We're going to have to wait for actual gameplay footage in presumably the next trailer.

You can also view the teaser trailer at YouTube. I'd embed it here, but Square Enix are being punks again and blocking the embedding from working. Someone has uploaded an embeddable version of the trailer, so you can view it here:

The official site also got its full opening today. There's a lot more than just the teaser trailer there. You'll also find a sweet wallpaper in the download section, a look at the background story, and character profiles shown as a relationship chart.

The "new element" section of the site lists the new features that were previously disclosed. These include:

  • New dialogue
  • New side stories
  • Much more text than the original
  • The inclusion of newcomer Ravness Loxaerion as an ally starting in the prologue
  • Full 3D for the maps
  • New classes
  • New gameplay systems
  • Large number of new magic and skills

The site also confirms that there will be additional new characters outside of Ravness.

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