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Capcom's Earnings Briefing Hints at No 3DS Releases This Fiscal Year

Company's projections do not include Resident Evil Revelations and SFIV 3D.


As evidenced at E3, Nintendo's new 3DS platform has the backing of most Japanese third parties. But one of the largest may not have any games ready for the system's launch this fiscal year.

During a Q&A session at an investors briefing today, Capcom reps were asked if 3DS games are included in its projections for the current fiscal year. The response was: "We announced Resident Evil Revelations and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition at E3, but these are not included in our plan for this fiscal year."

It should be noted that the responders did not specifically state that there wouldn't be any releases this fiscal year. Asked about the timing for 3DS game releases, they said "At present, it's to be determined."

Capcom's two announced 3DS games, Resident Evil Revelations and Super SFIV 3D.

3DS was one of the main topics during the Q&A session. One person asked about development costs for the system. The response: "If we use our internally developed engine MT Framework, it is possible to share the basic development process with other platforms, so we don't think [development costs] will see extreme rises."

Someone asked if a game on 3DS using MT Framework means it will necessarily be part of a multiplatform strategy. This is not the case. "We decide platform by considering the type of game and other areas. It's not the case that we'll simply release one game on all platforms."

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