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Sega's Arcade and Consumer Businesses See Gains

Sega's consumer business in the red once again, but much improved over last year.

Once of Sega's first quarter arcade games, Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade.

Sega parent company Sega Sammy Holdings experienced gains in sales and earnings over the first quarter (April through June), and Sega's video game and arcade businesses were among the reasons.

Sega Sammy Holdings as a whole saw net sales of ¥91,340 million for the quarter, up from last year's ¥60,461 million. The company was in the black this quarter with ¥14,951 million. Last year, it experienced a loss of ¥7,820 million.

Sega's consumer business did ¥20,859 million in sales, up 15.4% over the prior year. While it experienced an operating loss of ¥636 million, this was a great improvement over the ¥4,500 million loss of the prior year.

The company described its domestic sales as "firm." However, for overseas sales, it said sales of new titles were slow due to adverse market conditions.

North America was Sega's top territory for the quarter, with 1.68 million games sold in the region. Europe managed 1.33 million units. Japan and other regions managed 270,000 units.

Sega's amusement machine business saw even larger gains this quarter. Net sales in this segment were ¥10,442 million, an increase of 24% over the previous year. The division was in the black with ¥1,399 million. Last year, it posted a loss of ¥1,077 million.

The company listed games like Border Break and card game Sangokushi Taisen 3 as high points for its arcade business.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade was also released over the period. While not specifying out it performed, Sega did point out that the game was sold to arcade operators under a revenue share model.

As usual, most of Sega Sammy Holdings' sales and earnings came from its pachinko business. You can see the full report for yourself at the Sega Sammy Holdings investor relations page.

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