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Pengo Returns to Arcades with 8 Player Combat

Sega revives a classic with its Ringwide arcade board.


Pengo is back! And he's not alone.

Says so right on Sega's promotional materials for its new Pengo cabinet:

"Lots of Pengo have returned!" reads the text at top.

If you played the 1982 arcade classic, you'll recognize the screenshot in the flier. But there's something different about the screen's aspect ratio.

The new version of Pengo that Sega is readying makes use of the powerful Ringwide arcade board, but keeps the visuals similar to the Z80 (that's Master System level!) original. Arcade operators can select between 4x3 and 16x9 aspect ratios.

Instead of upping the visuals, Sega is adding 8 player competitive play. Each player's goal is to outscore their opponents -- or at least half of them. Each player starts the game off with three stars. At the end of a stage, if you don't end up in the top half of players, you lose one of the stars. Lose all three, and you'll be eliminated from the game.

There are some other changes to the basic gameplay. If you want specifics, visit 4gamer's report on the game. There's a video in the 4gamer report, along with pics from an press event Sega held today at Club Sega in Akihabara to unveil the game.

To sample the new Pengo for yourself, visit the Club Sega through August 6.

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