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Radiant Historia's Full Official Site Opens

New story and gameplay details. Plus, get a sweet sampling of Yoko Shimomura's soundtrack.


Radiant Historia got its full official site opening today, with selectable Yoko Shimomura tracks and details on story, world, characters and gameplay systems.

Make sure you're caught up on the basics here, as most of the information at the site is supplementary to the details that were shared last week.

The "introduction" section of the site describes Radiant Historia as a "true fantasy RPG with the theme of time travel." You play as a main character who can travel between the past and future. You must guide history to its proper form.

We already heard about the staff last week. The official site attributes Concept and Visuals to Hiroshi Konishi and Satoshi Takayashiki, and music to Yoko Shimomura. It lists Atlus as responsible for "Quality" and development.

In the character section, you'll see introductions to Stock, Rainey (the girl), and Marco (the short one). These are the three characters who were introduced in Famitsu. The Romanizations here are official.

The world section has a look at Gran org and Alicetal, the two warring nations that are at the center of the Radiant Historia story. These are two of five countries that make up the content of Vainqueur. Gran org is the older of the two, having formed 150 years prior. It's ruled harshly by Queen Protea.

It turns out that Alicetal was formed by former residents of Gran org. Lead by Noah, a group of Gran org who were dissatisfied with the Gran org government headed East to form Alicetal. Now 70 years after Alicetal's formation, Noah no longer appears before the people. Instead, his public face is General Hugo, head of the army.

The people of Alicetal have been researching the magical abilities of Mana and have created a special type of magic-based soldier. These troops are at an early test phase of development, though, and have many problems.

The story section has a few additional story details

  • 50 years have passed since Alicetal and Gran org began their war
  • Stock is the most skilled combatant in the Alicetal intelligence agency
  • The secret agent that Stock has to rescue has gained possession of some top secret information about the Gran org army. It's information that could change the tide of battle.
  • Stock gets the order to head out from a character named Hise (In the screenshots, he's the guy with the giant nose.
  • When Stock awakens in Historia after being nearly killed by the Gran org army, he receives the ability to time travel from a pair of mysterious twins. They tell him that the world needs his power.

The site's system section currently details just game flow. To move around the game world, you select a location from the world map. You'll then transport into that field, where you can freely move around and do battle.

Of particular importance to the game is the Historia world. You'll be able to enter the Historia world from special points located in the fields of play. Once in Historia, you can travel to the past and future of two parallel worlds. As you work through events in the past and parallel world, you'll change the future, creating a new history. The story is split into chapters, and you can view the progress of the two parallel worlds and also see the state of the current time from the camp menu (this is the screenshot that looks like a timeline).

The next update at the official site is set for August 9.

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