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Sega's Shining Wind Pillow Cases Are Flippable

In case you get tired of one of Tony's heroines midway through the night.


So you already have your favorite video game heroine covering your body pillow, eh? You even have her on both the front and back of the pillow, with different clothing on each side.

But answer this. What do you do if you get tired of a single girl over the course of a night?

Two body pillows? Well that's just silly.

Sega has a better solution for its line of Shining Wind body pillow covers. Each cover has two different heroine, one on each side. If you get tired of cuddling with one girl, flip her over!

These two pillow cases sell for ¥13,000 each. Each case comes with a pair of telephone cards.

You'll find these pillow cases in Sega's booth at Comic Market 78. The annual event will be held this year at Tokyo Big Site on from the 13th through the 15th.

In addition to the Shining Wind pillow cases, Sega's booth will sell such collectables as:

  • Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd Tapestries
  • K-On!! tapestries, clear files, notebooks, mouse pads, t-shirts and towels
  • Tony's Heroine Desktop Mat (Shining Wind)

For pricing and specifics, see Sega's press release at 4gamer.

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