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Spank Naughty Girls in Nippon Ichi and Image Epoch's New PSP RPG

What's next from the publisher of Disgaea and the developer of Last Ranker.


The genre for Nippon Ichi and Image Epoch's new PSP title is "RPG Where You Punish Girls." While the new game has 2D sprite visuals and an overhead view, the subject matter seems to be leaning a bit toward the adult side.

Details on the all new Criminal Girls have leaked out from this week's Dengeki PlayStation (thanks for the heads-up, Yuan!). In this unique RPG, you assume the role of guardian to young female criminals who've ended up in hell. You'll need to reform these girls as you lead them to the top of a tower and eventually back into the living world.

How you go about reforming the girls is where the "punish" part of the genre comes into play. You'll apparently be able to physically punish the girls. Screens in the magazine show the option for spanking, for instance. Some of these punishments require the game to use mosaics so that you don't see certain areas.

In an interview, the staff said that the punishment component is a central element to the game. They believe the game's CERO rating won't be too harsh, as all you're doing is punishing the girls.

Outside of the punishment system, the game will also have a battle system of some form. Details will be shared on this system in a future update.

Dengeki introduces three of the seven girls you'll be guiding in the game: Kisaragi (voiced by Tomoko Hasegawa), Arisu (voiced by Ai Matayoshi) and Tomoe (voiced by Yumi Hara). They're each associated with a particular sin.

According to the leaked reports (and just so we're clear, I haven't seen the magazine for myself), Criminal Girls will be released on November 18 in retail and download form.

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