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Tetsuya Nomura Discusses Kingdom Hearts 3D, Re:Coded

The director talks about themes, main characters and a falling Sora.

How will Nomura and crew end up using the 3DS's 3D capabilities?

Dengeki Online has posted an online version of a Tetsuya Nomura interview that appeared in last week's Dengeki Games. In the interview, Nomura shared a few new details on 3DS's Kingdom Hearts 3D, some of which was passed along in last week's magazine leaks story. He also touched upon DS's Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded.

Nomura revealed to Dengeki that Nintendo was passionate about getting Kingdom Heart on 3DS. Production on Kingdom Hearts 3D began both in response to that passion, and because Nomura felt that they could make a game that would make use of the system's features.

KH3DS will take place in the same time frame as the rest of the Kingdom Hearts series. Beyond this, though, Nomura refused to go into further details on where within the body of the series the game lies.

You'll be playing as Sora and Riku, who will both be main characters. Different from Birth by Sleep, you'll be trading off between the two as you play. Switching between the two will be at the center of the gameplay systems, said Nomura.

Nomura plans on making use of the 3DS's 3D capabilities. He wouldn't go into details, but gave somewhat of a puzzling hint. As their means for using the depth of 3D, they're thinking about "falling." This, said Nomura, is something that people might have noticed in the game's E3 trailer.

Continuing with the mysterious responses, Nomura touched upon what he wants to do with Kingdom Hearts 3DS and the themes he hopes to convey. Regarding the things he wants to do, he said 'A KH you can touch, a falling Sora, and a flying Riku." Regarding themes, he said "Trust." More specifically, he said that the game will show how by trusting others, you achieve things that you just couldn't do on your own.

Elsewhere in the Dengeki interview, Nomura spoke a bit about Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded, the DS remake of Kingdom Hearts Coded.

Asked about the points that make the game special, Nomura noted that it contains elements of three titles. From the original Coded, it gets its story and fundamentals. From DS's Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, it gets its growth system. And from PSP's Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, it gets its battle system.

One of the goals for the gameplay side of Re: Coded, said Nomura, was to simplify the controls as much as possible. This was in response to some of the dissatisfaction players felt due to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days' lack of analogue control. Some of the things they're doing for Re: Coded include auto jump, a feature that was already in the original Coded, and assistance for when you attack with your keyblade.

Those who have difficulty despite the changes will be able to "cheat." The game has an option called "Cheat" in the menu. You can go here to freely change the game's difficulty. Nomura noted that this and many areas of the game's development originate from The World Ends With You. One of the main programmers from that game is working on Re: Coded.

Closing off the interview, Nomura noted that from a gameplay standpoint, Re: Coded is like a new title. He mentioned here such new features as the game's growth system, its combat system, the inclusion of a secret movie and, the feature he said he'd most like to highlight, the game's "tag mode" wireless functionality. There are a number of elements players will be able to sink their teeth into, he added, pointing to the trophy system that carries over from Birth by Sleep.

Re:Coded is already set for final release on October 7. Kingdom Hearts 3D is currently date TBA.

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