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Tactics Ogre: New Rogue Class Revealed

Steal items and set traps on the battle field. Plus, learn skills using an updated character growth system.

Square Enix continues to reveal new features for the PSP rebuilding of Tactics Ogre.

Famitsu has a huge blowout on Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together this week. Most of the feature covers the basics of the game's strategic gameplay, which remains the same as the Super Famicom original, but the magazine did manage to uncover new character and class info.

Regarding new characters, Square Enix's previously revealed Ravness Loxaerion, a newcomer for the PSP version. Famitsu doesn't actually have details on additional characters, but it does confirm that the game will have newcomers beyond Ravness.

Character illustrations for the PSP title are being done by the duo of Akihiko Yoshida and Tsubasa Masao. In addition to illustrations for the game's primary cast, they're redoing the illustrations for the game's general classes visuals.

Four of those classes are introduced in the magazine this week: Archer, Wizard and Witch (respectively male and female versions of the same class), Warrior, and Rogue.

If you played the original, you'll probably have noticed a couple of things about that class list. The original split up some of its classes by gender. As previously announced, the PSP version will be removing the differences between classes. It also seems some of the names will change. The "Warrior" class was known in the original as Soldier for males and Amazoness for females.

Rogue is a new class for the PSP version. A Rogue can steal items from enemies and set traps on the battle field.

Famitsu confirms that the game will include other new classes outside of Rogue.

Outside of the class info, the magazine reports on a change in the way the game handles unit growth. In the original version, your units were limited to acquiring magic. In the PSP version, depending on the direction you take with their growth, you can make the units learn a variety of skills. The actual method for acquiring skills has yet to be revealed.

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