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Now Yakuza's Shun Akiyama is in Shinjuku

Sega's marketing strategy for the new PS3 Yakuza game got predictable real quick.


Okay, Sega. We're on to your little marketing pattern for the new PS3 Yakuza game.

1. New character revealed through Famitsu.com

2. New character revealed to all other websites

3. New character's artwork placed outside Shinjuku's Don Quijoti.

4. [insert step 4 here]

5. Profit

It happened for Goro Majima. It happened for Kiryu Kazuma. And now, it's happened for Shun Akiyama who was revealed at Famitsu.com yesterday to be the game's third playable characters.

Akiyama reached steps two and three today.

Here he is outside the Shinjuku Don Quijoti.

If you've been keeping up with Sega's character reveals, you might notice a pattern in the artwork. Here are the three characters for comparison:

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