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Bayonetta Budget Version Comes with Pink Package and Vanquish Trailer

A special budget release for a special game.


Check out the stylings on Bayonetta's upcoming budget releases:

The PlayStation 3 the Best and Xbox 360 Platinum Collection versions of the game will be released on September 2, both priced at ¥3,990.

Don't search retail shelves for pink, though. The games will have standard ugly budget packaging, shown below. The cover slips can be flipped over for the special versions.

Sega is including a special bonus with the budget versions. Buyers will get a "Trailer Collection," which includes a trailer for Shinji Mikami's upcoming Vanquish. The trailer, according to Sega, has been previously unreleased domestically (which may mean that it was already released outside of Japan).

PS3 owners will find the Trailer Collection on the Bayonetta game disc. Xbox 360 owners will get a separate DVD with the footage.

For Bayonetta fanatics who've been looking forward to the "new Bayonetta info" promised by producer Yusuke Hashimoto earlier in the week, it's unclear if this is it (although it probably is).

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