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Namco Bandai Sales and Earnings Up

Company sees improvements despite no major new releases for the quarter.

Although not released this quarter, Tekken 6 was Namco Bandai's biggest game.

Last year around this time, Namco Bandai was in the red, with a quarterly operating loss of ¥2,758 million yen on sales of ¥75,729 million. This year, sales were up 8.2% to ¥81,912 million, and operating income rebounded to ¥2,953 million.

The company still posted a net loss for the quarter of ¥1,644 million, but even this was an improvement over the ¥2,846 million loss of last year's first quarter.

The company changed its organization this year, combining its video and music business with its video game business into a single "contents" segment. Sales for the merged segment was up 16.8% to ¥32,948 million. The division saw a loss of ¥619 million, although this was far improved over last year's loss of over ¥4,000 million.

Game unit sales were down for the quarter, from 3,466,000 units last year to 3,153,000 units this year.

No new major releases made it out, the company noted in its earnings report. Its top selling game for the year was the North American version of Tekken 6, which managed 1.07 million units. Japan-only Taiko no Tatsujin DS Dororon! Yokai Daikessen was the second beset selling game, with 170,000 units. These were followed by Ben10 Alien Force 2 with 110,000 units and Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Masou Kishin with 110,000 units.

DS saw the most new support with nine new releases (regional versions counted as one). PS3 was the best performing platform for the company though, selling 696,000 units, besting DS's 636,000 and Xbox 360's 581,000.

For further details, see the Namco Bandai investors relation site.

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