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More The 3rd Birthday Twittelations

Tetsuya Nomura, Hajime Tabata, and Yoshinori Kitase share all sorts of new details via Twitter.


Tetsuya Nomura, Hajime Tabata and Yoshinori Kitasei have been making The 3rd Birthday's Twitter quite an interesting read over the past couple of days. From development insights to personal insights, to little bits of trivia, if you're interested in Aya Brea's return and the people responsible for making it happen, you'll definitely want to subscribe to the feed.

Here's a summary of the latest posts:

A glimpse at The 3rd Birthday's script

Earlier today, Nomura posted some pics of the game's script. It was possible to discern a sequence of events from the opening moments.

Read this story for details.

On Voice Acting

Nomura said that the Japanese version of The 3rd Birthday will have just Japanese voices. He feels that voice directing is difficult unless recording is done first in Japanese. He also feels that Japan excels over the rest of the world in the area of voice acting ([editorial]I agree with you Tecchan![/editorial])

Aya's voice has yet to be revealed, said Nomura, although she spoke once in a previous PV. Can you guess where? That's right, she was narrator in the first PV.

Nomura's personal Twitter

Now that Nomura has appeared on Twitter through The 3rd Birthday's Twitter feed, will he get his very own Twitter account? The answer seems to be no. Tweeted Nomura: "Regarding a personal account, I'm not thinking about starting Twitter on my own right now. I'm sorry I cannot fulfill your expectations."

Nomura also revealed that he's currently working away on a particularly sexy CG of Aya that will be revealed next month. Hmm... does this mean Tokyo Game Show?

Can't get much sexier than this!

People in the know call it "3rd"

Have you been referring to The 3rd Birthday as T3B? Tabata just found out that people on the internet refer to the game in this way. Inside Square Enix, everyone except Shinji Hashimoto (the guy who updates the Square Enix Members Twitter) refers to the game as "3rd."

Yoshinori Kitase gets summoned by Nomura

Nomura previously said that The 3rd Birthday producer Yoshinori Kitase would join in on the Tweets. Today, Nomura explained that Kitase is on summer vacation now, so his appearance won't come for a while.

Later, Kitase managed to make a post: "Good evening. I've been summoned by Nomura-kun. I am producer Kitase. It's just a small bit, but I'm directly making stage data for this title (the first since Crisis Core?)."

The 3rd Birthday on the big screen

Tabata posted a sweet image of The 3rd Birthday running on a TV:

This screen shows Aya in combat with a major enemy, he revealed.

Tabata also said that the latest Aya CG is extremely well done and that it should get people, male and female alike, excited.

Twitter feeds for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts

Nomura, Tweeting from a hotel in Osaka, said that there are currently no plans to have a Twitter for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts, so he will be touching upon the two every now and then at The 3rd Birthday Twitter. However, he noted that The 3rd Birthday is the main title right now. KH, Versus and The 3rd Birthday share the same promotional producer.

Incidentally, Nomura is down in Osaka for the weekend. He didn't say why. It may be business, as Nomura is overseeing a number of games that are in development down in Osaka. This includes The 3rd Birthday. For more on that, refer to Tabata's series of development Tweets below.

The 3rd Birthday's development structure

Tabata detailed the management structure for The 3rd Birthday. The game has two producers -- Kitase and Nomura. Kitase handles the production work and business side. Nomura handles the creative work and promotions. They both have responsibility on the project as a whole, while Tabata has responsibility on the game content and the development team. Final Fantasy Agito XIII uses the same production system, he added.

Later, Tabata shared some insights into who's doing the actual development on the game.

This was previously announced, but the studio responsible for the programming side of The 3rd Birthday is Hexa Drive. Explained Tabata, when they decided to make The 3rd Birthday into a PSP title, he wanted Hexa Drive to handle the programming, so he had Kitase come with him to meet the studio down in Osaka.

Hexa Drive had developed a multiplatform console engine at the time Tabata and crew approached them. They were hoping to use that engine for the development of an HD game, and initially had no interest in making a PSP game. However, due to Tabata's persistence, they slowly gained the desire to make The 3rd Birthday.

Progress update

Said Tabata, the 3rd Birthday staff is currently working on a beta ROM. Once they've finished this, they'll at long last be able to set a "master schedule."

On the promotional side, Nomura said that gaming magazines will unveil the latest The 3rd Birthday info some time this month. The info will include an introduction to the Hyde character whom Aya can be seen speaking to in the script shot Nomura shared earlier in the morning. He believes players will be able to get a glimpse at The 3rd Birthday story.

The 3rd Birthday should have a major presence at next month's Tokyo Game Show.

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