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Fumito Ueda Gets Himself a Twitter Account

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus creator says he'll be showing something at TGS.

Fumito Ueda is a director and game designer.

Hideo Kojima is on Twitter. Tetsuya Nomura is (sorta) on Twitter. And now, another major creator has joined the micro blogging craze. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus creator Fumito Ueda got his own Twitter account on July 27, and he's been making occasional updates since.

Ueda's updates are mostly lifestyle stuff. Of course, if you're into his games, you probably won't mind hearing about the computer he bought (a 15 inch MacBook Pro, although he feels that he should have gotten a 13 inch one) and what kind of cell phone he uses (an iPhone, and its battery was about to go out while he was on his way home at 27:00 one late Thursday night).

Like the many other Japanese industry VIPs, Ueda's follow list shows many of his peers, including CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama, Grasshopper Manufacturer's Suda 51, and MMV's Yasuhiro Wada. He recently told Matsuyama that he'd like to visit CyberConnect2's new Shinagawa office and that he hopes they'll see one another at this year's CEDEC development conference.

If you're looking for Tweets about Ueda's latest project, The Last Guardian, you may be disappointed. Ueda has made only one post referring to the game.

Late last week, a follower asked Ueda if he's the real Fumito Ueda. Ueda responded, "Yes, it's me. Thank you for the support. We should be able to show something at Tokyo Game Show, so look forward to it."

Ueda's post didn't specifically mention The Last Guardian, but that's presumably what he's referring to.

One other point of note regarding Ueda's Twitter. In the home section of of his profile, he links to http://www.fumi.to/. The only piece of content at the site is this sketch:

Here's a comparison pic with the real thing:

And, because you're here anyway, here's a brilliant sketch Ueda did to celebrate Toro Station's second anniversary a while back:

It's Sony mascots Toro and Kuro holding hands like the Ico characters and running away from a giant like in Shadow of the Colossus!

[Seen at Game Jouhou]

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