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Shin Megamitensei II Leads This Week's Game Archives Releases

Fourteen old PlayStation titles now available for download to PS3 and PSP.


Sony's Game Archives library shows no sign of letting up. A total of fourteen games made it onto the service today (8/11).

Most notable of the releases is Shin Megamitensei II. This is an emulated version of the 2002 PlayStation remake of the 1994 Super Famicom title. Like the original Megaten, Atlus is charging a slight premium for this one, at ¥1,000.

Also of note this week is LCD: Dream Simulator, a 1998 PlayStation title that has players wander a set of dreams in ten minute bits. The PlayStation original is known for commanding high auction prices of over ¥18,000.

Here's a list of this week's releases, complete with screenshots.

Dokapon! Ikari no Tetsuken (PlayStation the Best)


Marionette Company

0 Kara no Shogi Shogi Youchien Ayumi-kumi

Simple 1500 Series Vol.95 The Airplane

Simple 1500 Series Vol.97 The Squash

Simple 1500 Series Vol.98 The Futsal

Simple 1500 Series Vol.99 The Kendo -- Tsurugi no Hanamichi

Love Game's Waiwai Tennis

Ano ko doko no ko

SuperLite 1500 Series Hooockey!!

SimpleLite 1500 Series Bon Boat

SuperLite 1500 Series O-e-kaki Puzzle 2

Shin Megami Tensei II

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