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Tetsuya Nomura's Dreams, The 3rd Birthday's ROMs, and Tabata's Love of Kingdom Hearts

The latest from The 3rd Birthday official Twitter.


Things have slowed down at The 3rd Birthday Twitter following last week's flood of posts about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and other projects, but there have been a few posts of note of late. Here's a quick summary of what Tetsuya Nomura, Hajime Tabata and even Yoichi Wada and Yoshinori Kitase have had to say over the past couple of days.

Tetsuya Nomura's Dreams

What does the director of Final Fantasy Versus XIII dream about? Final Fantasy Versus XIII, of course!

I dream of scolding the Final Fantasy Versus XIII battle director too.

Tweeted Nomura earlier in the day, "The battle planner for Versus appeared in my dream. 'Have you thought about effective use of Blizzard,' I said angrily. And then woke up."

I suppose you could take from this that Versus has 1) battles and 2) Blizzard magic. The former was previously known, as Dengeki and Famitsu showed an amazing battle screenshot a while back. As for the Blizzard magic... needless to say, we don't know anything about the Versus battle system yet, so it's unclear how this will work into the game.

Nomura's description of his dream came as part of a Tweet exchange with Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada.

Yesterday, Nomura wrote that he's been receiving requests form people to talk about his daily life. However, he believes that the people who come to The 3rd Birthday Twitter are interested just in The 3rd Birthday and other games rather than the life of some random old man. Still, he did promise to provide a few daily life Tweets.

In response to this, Wada wrote that he once talked about taking a bath, and people said he sounded like an office lady. Nomura's dream post was a response to this post about the bath episode.

Nomura also apparently received a request that he take a picture of his desk. This would be impossible, he said, because his desk is too messy.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Developments

Tabata made a few posts about Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, a game which I believe he's not actually involved in.

"KH Re:Coded is quite an amazing achievement," wrote Tabata. "It's developing into a very enjoyable game. The graphics and action are the highest level of DS. The gameplay is full of ideas and service."

(I think "service" here means "fan service.")

Tabata believes that Re:Coded could be the most enjoyable KH game yet.

The thing that seems to most impress him is that the game isn't just "interesting," but is "fun."

"It's a game that will give you the pure feeling of 'Ah, this is fun.' It fully realizes its concept. This is just the impression of someone watching the development from nearby, but I believe it's a game that you can really look forward to."

Nomura confirmed later that there would be no bundle version for Re:Coded.

It does look pretty fun!

The 3rd Birthday Developments

There's been lots and lots of talk about various ROMs The 3rd Birthday development staff is currently working on.

From the latest update at The 3rd Birthday official site.

On Tuesday, Tabata promised Wada that he'd deliver a stable ROM by 18:00 that day. He asked that Wada temporarily take a break from his world domination (actually "Tenka Touitsu," if you know what that means) plans and instead play The 3rd Birthday.

Later in the day, Tabata posted that they've started working on the game's GamesCom ROM. After finishing this, they'll pass it on to the promotional staff and to Wada, and the staff will do their own check.

As revealed in previous Tweets, the GamesCom ROM will be playable at GamesCom not by the general public, but by the press. This is still a significant step for the game, as even at E3 it was demonstrated for the press rather than playable.

So how long does it take to make the ROM for a trade show? Apparently not too long. Tabata posted late, late Tuesday night that the GamesCom ROM was nearly complete after seven hours of work.

Earlier today, 3rd Birthday producer Yoshinori Kitase (he rarely makes posts) posted that when he arrived at the office following a two day vacation he found the GamesCom ROM sitting on his desk.

Kitase is the one who will be showing off the game at GamesCom. In a post last week, Nomura asked that the overseas press be nice to him.

In a later post, Tabata revealed that The 3rd Birthday isn't actually playable on a standard PSP at present. It has to be played on a development system. However, the game is in a state where the staff can play it whenever they want.

In addition to the GamesCom ROM and whatever ROM Tabata handed off to Wada on Tuesday, Tabata was also working on the promised Beta ROM. This was completed around 1:00AM late, late Wednesday night/Thursday morning (yes, Tabata stays in the office pretty late).

Tabata said that he'll be uploading some images of the game on Thursdsay. He also said that it would be nice to share some images of the image boards created by art director Isamu Kamikokuryou. "Kamikoku's is skilled at art. He's also good at designing worlds you've never seen."

("Kamikoku" looks like another Square Enix employee pet name. Everyone has pet names!)

Outside of the ROM development posts, Tabata has made a few posts responding to general The 3rd Birthday questions.

The bipedal creatures you see in the recent media at the official site are actually not Twisted, he said.

That thing in the background is apparently not a Twisted.

Also, the idea for Aya's clothes tearing off was from Tetsuya Nomura. This was revealed in previous interviews. You'll recall that Tabata mentioned in a past Dengeki interview that the clothing idea came from Nomura as a test for a possible HD console entry in the series.

Aya's handgun has infinite ammo. It's meant to have the same role as the "Fight" command in Final Fantasy.

Someone complained that the official site's new zoom-in feature, that lets you zoom up on the character artwork, is insufficient. Tabata said that he agrees.

Nomura hasn't said too much about The 3rd Birthday, but he did reveal that he'll be doing additional artwork for the game later. The recent wallpaper update at the official site was an image that Nomura drew at the game's announcement some time back. The promotional staff had to use the old artwork because Nomura is currently busy doing art for another game.

Early Tetsuya Nomura art from The 3rd Birthday. Nomura will create more art for the game at a later date.

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