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Harvest Moon Goes Social on GREE

Another major franchise for the emerging GREE Platform.


We've been hearing a lot about the GREE of late as major publishers deliver some of their biggest franchises to the mobile gaming service.

The latest franchise to make it over is Harvest Moon. Liveware made available on the 10th Harvest Moon for GREE. As with all other GREE apps, the game is free to download and play.

Harvest Moon for GREE is a social take on the Harvest Moon farming franchise. Players can team up with one-another for cooperative farming. The game includes typhoons, insect infestations and other natural disasters which will benefit from having the support of friends. Those without friends can make post to the game's "Accident Message Board" to request help from strangers.

Unlike Square Enix's Knights of the Crystals and Chocobo and the Crystal Tower, Harvest Moon for GREE isn't actually new. It's just a GREE version of Harvest Moon for mixi, released in October of last year, and Harvest Moon for Mobage, released in February of this year. According to Liveware, those versions have at present 1.46 million and 580,000 registered users.

Being on the GREE service means the game is available to all registered GREE users regardless of the mobile provider. The game will work on any cell phone what's equipped with Flash lite 1.1 or above.

The app can be accessed at http://mpf.gree.jp/73.

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