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LovePlus iPhone App Updated with Mapping Features

Now you can more easily let the world know where you had a virtual date.


Love Plus i got a major update on the 10th. The update takes the game up a few notches to version 1.0.5.

Released in April, Love Plus i is an iPhone version of Konami's popular Love Plus girlfriend simulator, which is mostly known for its DS entries. The iPhone version is available in iM, iR and iN varieties, each featuring a single girlfriend, and each costing ¥600.

The big new feature for 1.0.5 is compatibility with Konami's Love Plus Map service. This service lets players post geotagged augmented reality pictures of their girlfriends to a shared map of Japan. As the map fills up with pictures, a heart-shaped "love gauge" at the top fills up. Once the gauge is full, the map is wiped clean, giving players a fresh new map for pics of their digital dates.

Previously, the service could be posted to from your PC or via cell phone, with users taking photos of their DS, for instance. With the update, owners of the iPhone version can now posted direct feed shots to the service, and also view the map without the need for a PC.

The update is available at no charge.

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