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New Yakuza PSP Characters Revealed

The Florist of Sai returns for the PSP game. He's joined by a reporter and a top hostess.


The Black Panther Yakuza New Chapter cast grew by a few more characters recently as Sega revealed three new sub characters and their voice actors.

Of particular note in this new set of characters is Sai the Florist, who's appeared in all the past Yakuza games. While the new game does have the same setting and general background story as its predecessors, the announced cast members have thus far been new.

Let's take a look at the newly announced characters (along with one character who was revealed a while back but never covered here):


Kamurocho's number 1 hostess, in employ at hostess club JeweL. With her beauty and brains, she's requested by VIPs of all forms, but it appears that there's no man out there who can call her their own. She'll apparently treat Tatsuya like a kid. Voiced by Chiaki Takahashi.

Shou Hyuga

Shou was actually announced a while back, but I never covered him here, so here goes. Shou serves as a rival to main character Tatsuya in the Dragon Heat tournament. He uses a general fighting style that's based on pro wrestling, and his fights are always popular. He's known as the "Treasure of Dragon Heat." Voiced by Takeshi Maeda.


A reporter who has a policy of obtaining information through her own footwork and eyes. She's infiltrated a Kamurocho hostess club as a hostess in order to conduct investigations for a report. She's aiming for a scoop on the Tojo Clan and is knowledgeable on the Kuki family. Voiced by Asami Imai.

Florist of Sai

An information source who controls the lawless land of Sai. His name comes from the fact that he would send information in flower bouquets. In the PSP Yakuza game, Tatsuya will come to The Florist seeking a certain piece of information.

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