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Tetsuya Nomura on Aya Brea's Pants

The latest from The 3rd Birthday Twitter.


This is The 3rd Birthday hero Aya Brea:

And this is The 3rd Birthday hero Aya Brea's pants:

They're all torn up. As you might know if you've been keeping up with the game, there's a reason for this. Aya's clothes tear up as she incurs damage.

Square Enix recently shared a before and after image of the tearing process.

With so much emphasis being placed on Aya's clothes, perhaps we can turn to the official 3rd Birthday Twitter for some commentary from character designer Tetsuya Nomura about those clothes.

And yes, we can! Here's what Nomura had to say today:

First, on creating a female character in general:

"The difference from drawing a male main character is that a female main character is more difficult, so you have to take greater care. Although, Aya was easier to draw than Lightning. What I'm being careful of is making sure her her body doesn't become too good."

You've done a terrible, terrible job, Nomura!

Now on Aya's jeans:

"Aya's denim is a deep indigo. I'm using Hysteric Glamour denim as a reference"

I have no idea what Hysteric Glamour is, but this came up in a search. Cosplayers take note!

As with past The 3rd Birthday Twitter coverage, I'm going to post any notable updates from today Twitter feed here, so check back later in the day for additional content.

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