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Tactics Ogre Screens Show New Rogue Class

Square Enix shares latest look at PSP remake of classic strategy title.


Square Enix released today all the latest Tactics Ogre media that debuted in last week's batch of magazines, giving us a first look at the game's new lineup of classes.

As previously detailed, Tactics Ogre makes some major changes to classes. Gender differences are now gone, resulting in some cases the creation of new class names to encapsulate previous gender-separate classes. The game also adds all new classes.

Here's a look at the four classes that Square Enix has detailed for the game so far:


This class combines the original's male Soldier and female Amazoness classes into one type. As with the original versions, Warriors are general purpose but lack any standout abilities.

Wizard & Witch

Wizard and witches combat with attack and status change magic.


In the original, archers were female only, but here you'll find both male and female versions. This will allow both male and female characters to change into archer type. Archers make use of bows and bowguns to attack from afar.


A new class for the PSP remake, Rogues can steal items from enemies and set traps on fields.

Square Enix also shared details and screens showing the basics of the Tactics Ogre gameply systems. Players of the original should be familiar with much of it.

In Tactics Ogre, main character Denim Powell fights alongside a set of units. These units are built up as you progress through the story, growing stronger both through battle and via the equipment and magic that you purchase from shops.

Select the Warren Report option from the main map to see a recap of the game's happenings.

The units all have a class, four of which are introduced above. You can change your units between classes by obtaining the required number of "class change cards" (I'm not sure of the English name for this). The number of cards required for changing a character to a given class is clearly shown in the game's class change screen.

The number of cards required for a unit's class change is shown next to the class graphic.

Battle begins after you've selected your units and positioned them on the field. There's a limit to the number of units you can take out to the battle field.

Selecting units before heading out to battle.

In the Tactics Ogre battle system, you don't strictly take turns with enemies. Instead, enemies and allies alike are placed on a common timeline according to their remaining WT, or Wait Time. The unit whose Wait Time has reached zero goes next. The timeline is shown at the bottom of the screen.

The time line is shown at the bottom of the screen.

A unit's Wait Time is determined by a number of factors, including class and equipment weight. When equipping your unit, the game gives a clear indication of the effect of the equipment on Wait Time. The Wait Time for a subsequent turn is also determined by what the unit does on the current turn. If you make the unit stand down in a given turn, the Wait Time for his next turn will be shorter.

(left) A closer look at enemies and allies during combat. (right) The equip screen shows the effect on Wait Time.

Square Enix still has much to show for the PSP rebirth of Tactics Ogre. The game will feature additional new classes outside of the Rogue class introduced above, as well as other new characters outside of the previously introduced Ravness Loxaerion. On the gameplay side, it looks like there's a new skill system in place, as the game now lets your units learn skills rather than just the magic of the original.

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