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The 3rd Birthday Shower Scene Update Coming Tonight

Will Parasite Eve 2's most well-known scene make a reappearance in The 3rd Birthday?


This just in from Hajime Tabata at The 3rd Birthday Twitter:

"Today, we will give a comment on the 'shower scene,' about which we have received a tremendous number of questions from series fans. However, I'm a bit busy now, so please wait until night."

I never played Parasite Eve 2 myself, but here's the scene fans are apparently freaking out over:

Maybe it's about time for an Aya Brea Larger-than-Life Gallery iPad app?

In other The 3rd Birthday Twitter updates...

Fear and sensuality

Tabata posted a shot of an image board that was drawn by art director Isamu Kamikokuryo. The image board was designed around the key words "fear" and "sensuality."

The only reason Tabata was able to share the image is because it's not being used for promotions, and he promised to put up a pic so tiny that you can't actually see anything.

Aya vs Lara Croft

With the Eidos purchase, Square Enix is now the proud owner of one Lara Croft. But it wasn't always like that.

Tabata revealed that back at the start of The 3rd Birthday's development, he'd wanted to make Aya defeat Lara Croft. However, along the way the two characters ended up becoming allies. "Now, they're family rivals," wrote Tabata.

Those 3rd Birthday screens are legit!

It seems that some people think the camera-grabbed screenshots Tabata posted of The 3rd Birthday last week aren't legit. Here they are, in case you missed them:

Tabata assured that these are the real deal, coming off a PSP attached to a monitor "The quality could go up, but it won't go down."

(NOTE: I previously wrote here that the pictures were taken off a monitor, which clearly isn't the case. I've striken the offending comment from the record.)

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