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Love Plus + iPhone + Rinko's Birthday = Creepy x Infinity

Augmented reality brings new possibilities to digital birthday celebrations.


We've seen Love Plus birthday celebrations before. I even wrote about one last year.

But the iPhone version of Love Plus allows for a new type of virtual celebration. Thanks to the game's augmented reality picture feature, you can make it look like the girls are actual (low fidelity polygon) people in your pictures.

Combine that feature with a Love Plus birthday, and you get:

This boyfriend readied more than just wasabi flavored chips for Rinko Kobayakawa's birthday yesterday. He also got his digital girlfriend a specially engraved Zippo as a present.

Made in the USA? Not in my USA mister!

Here's Rinko standing next to her gift and a special DSi LL:

(Holy crap I totally want that DSi LL!)

This year's round of celebrations had the usual cakes as well:

But it looks like one person decided to pop the big question:

The person who posted the ring pics says that he made the ring to match Rinko's finger size. Not her ring finger size, though. The ring is actually a pinky ring.

Does Konami really publish the pinky finger sizes for the Love Plus heroines?

[Seen at Hachimaki]

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