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Date Set For Final Fantasy Legends

New mobile title from FFIV The After team arrives in early September. Meet the remaining cast.


Square Enix's new mobile Final Fantasy game Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darknes now has a final date.

But before that, check out the game's sweet Yoshitaka Amano art:

As detailed all the way back in late July, Final Fantasy Legends is being developed by the same group that made Final Fantasy IV: The After. The game goes the retro route not just with its sprite-based visuals, but with its classic gameplay as well.

Square Enix today announced an availability date of September 6 for the iMode version of the game's prologue, titled Akatsuki no Shou, or Chapter of Dawn. Similar to FFIV The After, the prologue will be free. Subsequent chapters, none of which have been named or dated, will sell for ¥315 to ¥525.

EZmode players will get the game this Winter.

The game's official site was updated today with details on the game's cast. The characters are divided into two groups: Warriors of Light and Warriors of Darkness. Each of the upcoming chapters will focus on a particular character. Back at the July unveiling, producer Takashi Tokita said that the chapter downloads would alternate between members of the two sides.

We were previously introduced to Sol and Aigis of the light side and Diana and Glaive of the dark side. To these, the official site adds:

Sarah (Light)
A mysterious, quiet girl who gives off the feeling of strength. She's been taken captive by an imperial air ship.
Alba (Darkness)
A girl who's been captured and brought to Harmonia detention camp. She'll joke around no matter what the situation.
Dusk (Light)
Alba's twin brother. In stark contrast to his little sister, he has a calm and quiet demeanor. He seems to be constantly in contact with a number of people.
Nakt (Darkness)
A young man who was captive in the Harmonia detention camp in the far north. He's an orphan whose parents died as casualties of war. Perhaps because of his path through life, he says little and does now show emotion off.
A traveling prophet who, feeling a change in the crystals, has come to Rukus. He says he's been ordered to find a Warrior of Light. I'm not sure if Ergo is on the Light side or if he's just a general character -- it's hard to determine based off the layout of the official site.
The current characters. From left to right: Sol, Sarah, Aigis, Dusk, Nacht, Diana, Alba, Glaive, and Ergo.

The official site also has sections for "Story," "Job Change System" and "Job," but these are currently inactive. Square Enix will presumably share more details leading up to the September 6 service in.

Retro-styled visuals continue the tradition of FFIV The AFter.

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