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Radiant Historia: Meet the Time Twins

Tio and Lipty, managers of the strange world of Historia.


Your (mine too!) Radiant Historia official site got its latest update today. New content covers the strange world of Historia and its two main residents, Tio and Lipty.

As detailed in prior articles at this site, Tio (left) and Lipty (right) are the twins main character Stok meets when he awakens in Historia after being tossed into a river by the Gran org army.

The twins tell Stok that his powers are needed to save the world from impending doom, and give him the power to travel through time. But their involvement does not end there. They'll also cooperate with Stok on his adventure, giving him support and lending him their power.

While the two look like children, they talk like adults. Tio, the brother, has a cynical and somewhat harsh way of talking. His sister Lipty, on the other hand, speaks softly and will give courage to Stok when he loses hope.

As detailed here last week, the Historia world created by the power of ancient "Souma" magic. Tio and Lipty manage Historia, within which time and space are twisted. You can think of Historia as Stok's base of operations when he goes about changing history.

Stok in Historia.

Following Stok's initial trip to Historia, you'll be able to head back there from the world map or from special seals you encounter on the fields of play. Once you're in Historia, you make use of the "Byakushiorku" book Tio and Lipty gave Stok to travel through time.

Going to Historia from the world map and the fields of play.

The Byakushiroku book is shrouded in mystery. It's an old book of Souma magic that contains the secret for controlling time, but it's unclear who created it and for what purpose.

Even with the book, Stok does not have the ability to freely move anywhere in time. As you work through the story, the book comes to house special "time seals" indicating key points in history. You can only travel back to these particular points, which are shown on the pages of the book as blue icons.

The book can also be used to recap your travels through the world, presumably by selecting the non-blue icons from the pages. This is something that can also be done in the story section of the camp menu.

Selecting points from the book.

In addition to giving him the ability to travel through time, the book also gives Stok visions of the future, where he sees such shocking images as people near to him dying. These visions trouble Stok.

Visit this story for an early example of how Radiant Historia's time system works.

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