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Catherine Official Site Opens

Lots of sexy artwork of heroine Catherine. Plus, check out the trailer in HD.


Wondering what the official site for an Atlus HD game looks like? Then visit the Catherine official site, which formally opened today following its teaser opening last week.

You're looking at pretty much all there is to the site at present. Pretty much everything is left to question marks.

Of particular note is that the site's videos are YouTube hosted via a newly opened Catherine YouTube channel. You can view an HD version of last week's trailer here:

(Click on the YouTube logo in the video to visit YouTube for the 720p version.)

The game's newly opened official blog, written by a Maehara of the game's PR team, promises movies of Vincent and Catherine for the site's next update. The Catherine movie will be particularly "daring," it seems.

The site's product section, which describes the game as "the first HD title from the Persona team," has what looks like placeholder box art -- actually just the artwork that appeared in last week's Famitsu's reveal article.

Let's see if Atlus causes a stir by actually putting that on the box.

As announced last week, Catherine is due for PS3 and Xbox 360 release this Winter.

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