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Sega Registers "Valkyria3" URL

A hint at the next Valkyria Chronicles?

Valkyria Chronicles on PS3. Will VC3 return to HD?

It's recently come to light that a "Valkyria3.jp" URL not only exists, but is owned by Sega. Is this a hint that Valkyria Chronicles 3 is on the way?

Access valkyria3.jp, and you'll be prompted for a username and password. Nothing revealing there...

However, do a whois lookup on the URL, and you'll find that Sega is the owner.

According to the whois listing, Sega registered the URL on May 31, 2010.

Sega also owns valkyria2.jp (registered June 29, 2009) and valkyria.jp (registered August 3, 2007). These point to the official sites for the first two Valkyria Chronicles games.

This could just be Sega protecting their URLs. But, then again, it is about time we heard of a Valkyria Chronicles sequel, don't you think? PSP's Valkyria Chronicles 2 saw release in January of this year.

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