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Fortune Arterial Official Site Opens

Meet the new character, Miya.


Kadokawa Shoten today opened a full official site for Fortune Arterial: Red Promise.

Announced in early July, Fortune Arterial: Red Promise is a PS3 version port of an adults-only PC love adventure game. Typical for conversions of adult game to consoles, the PS3 version will likely do away with the adult content.

Kadokawa will be adding new features for the PS3 version. The official site only mentions one of these features, the inclusion of a new character, Miya.

As detailed at the site, Miya is a mysterious bishojo who suddenly appears before the main character. She was raised in a harsh family environment, and gives the impression of a high class girl who was brought up in isolation from the rest of the world. Her true nature is currently a mystery.

Visit the site's character section for a look at the other cast members.

Developed by August and Aria, Fortune Arterial will see release through Kadokawa Shoten this Winter.

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