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Check Out the K-On Retail Promo Video

A must-see for fans!


Sega has released its latest promotional video for K-On After School Live. View the three minute retailer promo clip here:

K-On After School Live is the first video game adaptation of the K-On anime. The main part of the game is set up like a simple timing-based rhythm game, with up to five players playing instruments as the members of the Houkago Tea Time band.

The trailer shows both the rhythm play and some of the other play components.

By performing well, you can get new outfits for the girls. Shown in the trailer are such clothing options as maid outfits, kimonos and even bathing suits.

As detailed last month, when you're not playing the rhythm game, you can interact with chibi-styled versions of the band members. You may end up seeing recreations of well known scenes from the anime.

The video also shows a clock feature, joking that the feature will only be included if you buy the game now (it's actually included regardless of when you buy the game).

K-On hits PSP on September 30, priced ¥6,090.

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