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My Little Sister Really Is Cute

Namco Bandai uses Live2D tech for new light novel adaptation.


You might recall an old Flying Get column poking fun at an upcoming PSP game whose name translated to "My Little Sister Can't Possibly Be This Cute." That game has an official site, allowing us to confirm just how cute little sis is.

There she is! Yes, she certainly is cute! But, then again, what PSP character wouldn't look cute holding a PSP in official artwork?

This latest adventure game comes our way from Namco Bandai. In Japanese, the game's name is read "Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable."

The "Portable" part of the name should be a hint, but this isn't actually an original title. "Oreimo" for short, the game originates as a Dengeki Bunko light novel that's so popular it's getting its own television anime.

The story of Oreimo focuses on Kyosuke Kosaka, a 17-year-old highschool student who's as regular as can be. Kyosuke and his little sister Kirino haven't gotten along for years. This changes when Kyosuke one day finds a moe anime DVD case outside his house's entrance. This DVD turns out to belong to Kirino.

There's just a tiny bit more to the story than that. For specifics, see the Oreimo Wikipedia entry.

Namco Bandai is making use of a visualization technology called "Live2D" to power the game conversion's "OIU" (short for the Japanese version of "My Sister Can Possibly Move Like This") animation system. Live2D promises to make the transition between character expressions and poses seamless, resulting in realistic conversation sequences with Kirino.

You can see a sample of the technology at the Live2D official site. There's also a promo movie for the game at the official site's movie section.

The Live2D animation system.

Outside of the official site, Namco Bandai has given the game an official Twitter for those who want to follow.

Oreimo Portable is currently without a specific release time frame.

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