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Catherine: This is What's Chasing You

You'd run away from a giant fork and pair of hands too, even if you didn't have lamb horns.


In Catherine, ambition-free salaryman Vincent starts experiencing strange nightmares after he meets his flirtatious dream girl Catherine one day.

In the nightmares, he finds himself surrounded by lambs. And it looks like he's started to take on some lamb-like properties himself.

In the above screenshot, one of a small batch of official media Atlus released to the non-Famitsu press today, Vincent is told by a "mysterious voice" that he and his fellow lamb have been selected. "You will all probably die soon."

And what exactly will be killing Vincent and his fellow lambs? Oh, how about this giant pair of hands and blood-covered fork?

The nature of the hands and fork haven't been revealed. However, the other lambs tell Vincent that he has to climb the stairs that make up the nightmare world if he hopes to survive. Maybe the hands keep you moving (that's Vincent down at the bottom of the screen).

Here are a few additional pics Atlus shared today. Most of these are just higher res versions of the screens you might have seen at Famitsu.com last week.

These Catherine pics are all fully of mystery. But here's one mystery you'll have to look closely in order to notice. Many of the screenshots released so far have a watermark-like graphic in their upper left. The text says "Golden Yugi Gekijou," or "Golden Game Theater." What could it mean?

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