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Neptune Cosplay Outfit Costs $1,000

But it's priceless if you can get Rie Tanaka to wear it for you.


Compile Hearts' video game parody RPG Neptune may have one saving grace yet, assuming you or someone you know has the curves to fit into this:

That outfit belongs to Purple Heart, goddess alterego to main character Neptune. The costume includes everything you'll need for a full transformation, including gloves and boot covers.

You'll just need to supply the model. Oh, and the ¥98,650 asking price.

To dampen the psychological effect of handing over so much cash, I'd suggest repeating to yourself that the costume is supervised by none-other-than Idea Factory (says so right in the images).

Alternatively, close your eyes and imagine a situation where you'll be able to get Neptune/Purple Heart voice actress Rie Tanaka to wear it for you:

More on Tanaka's cosplay shoot here.

For additional pics of the costume and details on ordering, visit this sales site.

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