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Gundam Goes Social

New Gundam Royale is not the James Bond crossover it should be.


Today, we're covering a cell phone game. And not just any cell phone game, a "social" cell phone game. And we're not actually covering the game itself, but the "start of planning" for the game.

It's not too late to close your browser window and throw your computer out the window.

Namco Bandai announced today that it has started planning on a new mobile Gundam game. Titled Gundam Royale, the game is said to be the franchise's first "social game."

You play as a Mobile Suit pilot and work through missions. As you win battles, you'll be able to collect over 100 Mobile Suits. The "social" aspect comes from the ability to trade Mobile Suits with other players. Namco Bandai also says that you can train with your fellow players. It did not share gameplay specifics or screenshots today.

Official artwork for Gundam Royal.

Gundam Royale is being developed with the cooperation of DeNA and will be available this Fall on DeNA's Mobagetown mobile service, which, according to Namco Bandai's press release, has over 20 million monthly users. Last month, Namco Bandai opened a Namco Games page on the service, through which it offers free downloads of Pac-Man, Xevious, Galaga and New Rally X.

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