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Monster Hunter Diary: The Hello Kitty Crossover

Plus, download celebrity Felynes.


Continuing with its dastardly plot to destroy the world one horribly cute screenshot at a time, Capcom shared today these images of Monster Hunter Diary's previously announced Hello Kitty crossover.

Buyers of the Monster Hunter spinoff will be able to obtain Kitty clothing, a Kitty guild tent and more. The content will be available day in with Diary on the 26th. To actually change into the Kitty clothing, however, you'll need to have advanced a certain ways.

Outside of the Kitty content, Capcom detailed today an additional area of download content: celebrity Felynes. Diary lets players carry over one Felyne from Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. Capcom will be offering celebrity Felynes from the members of rock band SID and "Hunter Artist" SEAMO. These will be available in September.


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