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God Eater Burst Update

New character and gameplay details for Namco Bandai's updated Monster Hunter killer.


Namco Bandai provided a big update on God Eater Burst today, sharing new story and gameplay details, and even unveiling new bonus items. Famitsu is promising its own update on all of this year's Monster Hunter rivals (including Monster Hunter Portable 3rd!) for later this week, so let's get up to date!

In case you haven't been keeping up, God Eater Burst is an updated version of God Eater, which was released just this past February. The game makes gameplay adjustments that have been heavily requested by users and ups the volume in all areas. Current owners will be able to upgrade via a cheap expansion disc.

Here are some of the features that were detailed today:

New Character: Ren

Leading the way in today's updates is Ren, a mysterious new character who's said to be central to Burst's new story components. Ren is so mysterious that Namco Bandai isn't even disclosing the character's gender. It's not even clear if Ren is an ally or enemy.

The character is voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi, a female voice actress, although that's not necessarily an indication of character gender.

Updated Subcharacters

If you played through the original God Eater storyline, Burst gives some incentive to replay. The game's personable sub characters, who fight alongside you during single player mode, have undergone visual and voice changes. They also show a more personable side through skills, potentially leading to greater effectiveness on the battle field.

Shown here (from left to right): Tatsumi, Brendan, Kareru, Shun, Geena and Kanon.

Changes & Adjustments to Gameplay

Burst updates the God Eater gameplay in a number of ways. Examples include:

Air Guard
You can now guard while in the air.

Step Cancel Guard
In Burst, you can cancel your "step" evasion move and switch into a guard. The game actually has a number of other such cancel moves as well.

New "Burst Skill" Category
Burst adds a new "Burst Skill" category of skills. These can only be used while in Burst Mode.

Avatar Cards

One new feature for Burst is the "Avatar Card" system. Using Avatar Cards, players can exchange their characters with one-another. Your friends characters appear as NPCs during single player play, accompanying you in battle. This can be particularly useful for beginner players, as you can have a friends' more powerful character fight alongside you.

There's some incentive to keep on connecting with friends even after you've exchanged data. When you play with a friend's NPC, you'll earn materials. These can be exchanged with the friend the next time you connect.

Reformed Bullet Edit System

God Eater lets you create your own bullets, setting such things as bullet type. In Burst, the interface for doing this has been made more user friendly. You can more easily preview multiple bullet modifications, for instance.

Burst also gives you access to new bullet types. Included here are new "Recovery Bullets." These appear in the game's single player mode, where they're used heavily by medic characters like Sakuya. In the Bullet Edit mode, you can make such things as a three way recovery bullet that recovers multiple allies simultaneously, a stationary "recovery ball" device, and a bullet that does damage to the enemy while recovering your allies.

New Item Synthesis System

The original God Eater let you synthesize items from materials that you earned while out on your god eating missions. Burst adds the ability to split items apart back into their original components.

Some materials have upper and lower levels. For example, you can combine multiple Mahogany Chips into Mahogany, or you can split up Mahogany into multiple Mahogany Chips.

New Equipment/Clothing

New Aragami-based Weapon Designs

Movie Archive System

Burst adds an Archive section which includes movies, BGM, NPC voices, Aragami voices and illustrations.

New Bonus Items

Namco Bandai previously shared details on the game's "Premium Character Download Card," a first print run bonus item that gives you access to special NPC characters.

Joining bikini Arissa, butler Soma and China Dress Sakuya, we now have these two:

To the left, Kouta drssing up like Isamu, the main character of a movie in the God Eater universe. To the right, sailor outfit Shio.

Here are the Arissa, Soma and Sakuya outfits in case you've forgotten:

God Eater Burst arrives on October 28 in retail and download form, costing respectively ¥5,229 and ¥4,700. Current God Eater owners will be able to buy a retail expansion version for just ¥2,100.

For overseas players, your first exposure to the God Eater franchise will be through Burst, which is being released by Namco Bandai subsidiary D3 Publisher.

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