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Yakuza PSP's Hostesses Recommend These PSP Designs

Get these gals on your PSP-4000 design team, Sony!


What would have happened if Ken Kutaragi had visited a host club the night before he approved the final design for the PSP? Sega provided that answer today.

Sega is readying some gaudy PSP-3000 "deco covers" to commemorate the upcoming release of PSP Yakuza series spinoff Black Panther Yakuza New Chapter. The covers were designed by esHOLIC in the image of the game's hostesses.

As one of the side diversions in Black Panther, players can interact with six hostesses, two of whom are based off real world girls. esHOLIC designed one cover for each of the girls as part of Sega's "Take a Hostess Home Campaign. Sega will be giving out one of each cover via raffle.

Here's a look at each hostess and her PSP cover design:

Yuu Tejima

Yuu Tejima is based off a real gravure idol of the same name. In the game, she's popular amongst the men due to her unrivaled proportions and her talking skills. She's working toward her dream of becoming an actress

Her PSP design is "Colorful Panther."


Hoshiaya is based off a real model of the same name. In the game, she's capable of instantly becoming friends with anyone, male or female, due to her frank and open personality. She's big on anime, manga and games.

Her PSP design is "Black Love." Her frank and open personality is reflected in the cover's cool, adult black color.


Mika is known for her healthy, tanned skin. She was born in Tokyo, but she has hostess experience in Okinawa as well. She's active and likes to move her body.

Her PSP cover design is "Star." Her active personality is reflected in the cover's colorful, energetic stars.


With her form and cute voice, Saya has the "little sister" appeal for men. She was an Okinawa hostess, but came to Tokyo in pursuit of her dream of becoming a model who appears in fashion magazines.

Her PSP cover design is "Pink Kira Kira." (That's "glitter" or "sparkle.") The design came about from her setting as a "little sister character."


A hostess who's known for her short black hair. She likes collecting regional goods and will pester her customers for stuff.

Her PSP cover is designed to match the simple but elegant adult impression given by her short black hair.


A hostess who's known for her exotic face and long hair. She attends beauty school and hopes to increase her skills by studying abroad. In the future, she wants to own her own studio.

Kirie's PSP cover design is "Union Jack." This design comes about from her desire to study abroad.

Visit the Black Panther Yakuza New Chapter contest page for details on entering the raffle to win one of these covers. Sega will be giving away just one of each cover, so winners will definitely have quite the exclusive item.

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