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First Look: Dream Club Zero's Bull Riding Game

Plus, time traveling hostess Nonono!


Just in case you didn't believe me last week about Dream Club Zero having a bull riding mini game, Famitsu.com provided a first look today.

As detailed last week, one of your possible after hours date locations in the Xbox 360 hostess simulator prequel is an electronics retailer. In addition to, it seems, some highly dressed staff, the shop has a mechanical bull.

Here's newcomer hostess Haruka, who's apparently been riding horses in England since she was two, riding the bull:

In addition to watching the girls ride the bull, you can control the action somewhat. The control panel in the lower right of the screens lists B for turning the bull on and off, Y for "pump twist" (I'm not too up to date on mechanical bull tech, so don't ask me what this is), and three strength levels.

According to Famitsu, by controlling the bull just right, you can make the girl release a look of ecstasy, which I think is supposed to be shown in the lower shot.

Also in the Famitsu.com preview is a first look at newcomer Nonono, who says she's come from the future for the sake of humanity.

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