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Atlus Being Merged Into Parent Company

Index Holdings to combine two subsidiaries. Atlus brand may live on.

Atlus recently announced its first in-house HD game, Catherine.

Index Holdings declared its intentions today to absorb its Atlus and Index subsidiaries. In making this move, the company hopes to more effectively utilize group resources and implement a more efficient business system between divisions.

Atlus is most widely known for its Megaten and Persona series of RPGs. Index Holdings became 100% parent company of Atlus through a 2006 stock purchase.

Index handles mobile operations for the Index Holdings group. Index Holdings owns over 95% of Index.

The merger is expected to take place on October 1 following approval at board meetings for the three involved companies today.

While Atlus as a company would cease to exist following the merger, the Atlus brand may live on. According to Impress Watch, an Index Holdings public relations representative said today that game releases would for the time being be under the Atlus brand.

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