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Suck Up Boss Skills in PS3's Malicious

Get a first real look at Alvion's new downloadable PS3 action game.


Famitsu.com delivered an expanded look at Malicious today, revealing a number of new features, most notably a Mega Man-esque boss power system.

Alvion first announced the download-only PS3 action title in teaser site form back in June. The game re-emerged a couple of weeks back in a Famitsu preview.

Today, Famitsu.com shared screens and additional details on the game's story and gameplay sides.

Malicious puts players in a fight against a dangerous group of creatures known as the Malicious. As your weapon, you make use of a special cloak which is said to have the power of the prophets and can take on various forms. Among those forms are a fist for close attacks and a shield, with the cloak wrapping around your body to keep you safe from incoming attacks. The cloak also becomes a projectile weapon, allowing you to target enemies with "demon bullets."

There is no actual stage progression in Malicious. Instead, all stages start you off directly in big fights against a boss and his subordinates.

You're able to freely select your next stage. Your ordering could be important, as clearing a boss gives you that boss's powers in the form of a new action. Your character also gains power in other areas, including increased jump height and the ability to lock on to a greater number of enemies with your demon bullet blasts.

Visit Famitsu.com for additional screens of Malicious. A PSN release is set for some time this year.

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