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Dead Rising 2 Case 0 Delayed

Capcom holds off on its Xbox 360 exclusive Dead Rising 2 pre story.

Chuck Greene and his daughter in Case 0.

Capcom announced today a last minute delay in the availability of Dead Rising 2 Case 0.

The Xbox 360-only precursor to Dead Rising 2 was scheduled to hit Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow (August 31). Capcom has now marked the game's release date as TBA.

As reason for the delay, the company said that it discovered some things in the demo part of the game that would not be appropriate for a free sampler.

Case 0 is set three years prior to the events of Dead Rising 2 and provides players with a first introduction to new hero Chuck Greene. The free part of the game is meant to serve as the demo to the main DR2, which hits both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 30. Those who choose to explore further and get through the entirety of Case 0 will have to fork over some Microsoft Points.

For more details on Case 0, see this story.

UPDATE 19:07:

Famitsu.com was told by Capcom that the Case 0 delay will not affect the retail release of DR2. Capcom also told the site that the issue at hand exclusively applies to the part of Case 0 that's playable for free.

As for what exactly is wrong with the demo, Capcom did not get too specific, but based off the wording of the announcement, the issue appears to involve violent content.

For players outside of Japan, this announcement was made by Capcom's Japanese office. Capcom's regional offices around the world have yet to make announcements of their own, so there is the possibility that the delay will be just for Japan.

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