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A Message From the Catherine Director

Katsura Hashino jokes about eroticism and promises some big updates in future blog posts.

Main character Vincent and love target Catherine in this scene from the first batch of media that was shared last week.

The Catherine development blog got its first real update today. Director Katsura Hashino shared a few jokes about the erotic nature of the new game and also promised some big blog updates to come.

In case you weren't keeping up these past couple of weeks, Catherine is the first Atlus game targeting PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is being developed by the people behind Persona.

You can get a full refresher by reading through all our Catherine stories.

Hashino began the blog post by saying "While we get some people saying the Persona team should make Persona, we also hear some people saying 'I'm not sure why, but I'm looking forward to it.' (Although perhaps they're looking forward to the eroticism...?)."

Getting serious Hashino admitted that the game has perhaps become a bit on the erotic side.

The rest of the post was just Hashino telling us what we can expect from future blog posts. He promised commentary on the game content and on the development process, from himself, character designer Shigenori Soejima and composer Shouji Meguro.

He also said, "It looks like there's quite a bit of time until release, so we'll also write the state of the P Team." By "P Team," he's presumably referring to the team that's currently working on Catherine. The "P" stands for Persona. The team is also widely believed to be working on Persona 5.

The development blog appears to be the only update at the game's official site today. The last blog post promised a particularly daring video of the Catherine character for the next site update.

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