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Downloadable 3rd Birthday Demo Under Consideration

Plus, get what development team got to play the demo in advance? The latest from The 3rd Birthday Twitter.

Square Enix may be making a 3rd Birthday sampler available to the general public following TGS.

Tetsuya Nomura said recently that Square Enix is looking into a time frame for an online release for some of its Tokyo Game Show promotional videos. It looks like the public at large may be getting access to more than just the videos, at least for The 3rd Birthday.

Director Hajime Tabata said today at The 3rd Birthday official Twitter that a downloadable demo based off The 3rd Birthday's playable Tokyo Game Show build is a possibility. He noted, however, that this would require some steps not too removed from finishing up the final game itself, including getting quality approval from Sony. The team is worried that such work would affect the release timing of the main game, so they're first giving priority to going gold.

There were relatively few updates at the game's Twitter today. Tabata began making posts late at night and explained that he'd spent the full day working on the TGS demo. He had the Final Fantasy Agito XIII team sample the demo for the first time. They tuned the demo together.

Those who play the game at Tokyo Game Show will have a similar role as the Agito team, as Tabata said they'll be making final game balance tuning based off the TGS demo experience.

Tabata also gave a hint as to the content of the TGS demo. The demo includes some event scenes that have not been shown in past promotional videos. However, you'll have to advance a certain amount to get to these scenes. They've arranged the demo to make it as user friendly as possible so that players will be able to both sample the game and see the event scenes.

Tetsuya Nomura also made a few posts of his own at the Twitter feed today. He announced that he has finished (actually "tentatively" finished) work on his lineup of promotional videos. It seems that the Agito footage in particular took up his attention, as he kept on fiddling with it until the very end. He feels that the result is good.

TGS attendees will get to see those results and sample both The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded in just a couple of weeks as the show kicks off on September 16. Square Enix should be announcing its full game show plan shortly.

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