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Tabata Tweets About Agito, 3rd Birthday and Versus

More reason to get hyped up about Square Enix's TGS showing.

We've been hearing quite a bit about The 3rd Birthday of late, but Tabata shared a few comments on Agito today.

Hajime Tabata provided a bunch of notable updates today at The 3rd Birthday Twitter. Tabata is director of both The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and he shared some insights into both titles' Tokyo Game Show showings as well as their general development, and even managed to work in an intriguing tease about Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

The 3rd Birthday's official site was updated earlier in the day with details on two new members of main character Aya Brea's CTI group (for a recap of the update, see this story). According to Tabata, there's a connection of some form between CTI and the first two Parasite Eve games. This is something that will be touched upon in The 3rd Birthday.

As previously announced, The 3rd Birthday will appear at Tokyo Game Show in playable and movie form. Tabata shared some comments on the game's promotional video, describing it as "dramatic" and "sharp." Internal staffers having seen the trailer said "This game looks totally interesting," which Tabata said is a statement not typical of a game developer. He actually felt the same way upon seeing the PV. (I believe the trailer is being edited by Tetsuya Nomura).

Agito will appear at TGS as well, although only in PV form. This trailer, Tabata said, is extremely short, but he feels frame by frame it's well done.

Tabata provided a few intriguing comments on Agito's development. While the game's event scenes are still a ways off, the real time component is coming along. The design staff has apparently been saying that the things they're aiming for are impossible on PSP. "At present, midway through development, we've arrived at a point of astonishment on PSP."

Don't expect Agito anytime soon, at least not until after The 3rd Birthday. "After 3rd is complete, we'll bring in the 3rd team and enter into a completion phase for Agito. In other words, we still need time. As Tetsuya (Nomura) said, there are unannounced titles coming before Agito. Wait just a bit more for information to be released."

Nomura has mentioned in past Tweets that he will have an unannounced title of some form at TGS, so perhaps Tabata's "just a bit more" means "just a few more weeks."

Among the staff that will be moving over to Agito are the people who are working on The 3rd Birthday's event scenes. This staff was initially formed for Crisis Core. They're working on The 3rd Birthday now and will also be heading up event scenes for Agito. Tabata described the team as capable of bringing meaning to each scene, which is why he's worked with them for so long.

Separate from the event staff, The 3rd Birthday and Agito both have the high end CG sequences one expects of a Square Enix game. These are being handled, as usual, by the company's Visual Works studio. Wrote Tabata, "Whenever I go to the VW studio floor, there's video and demos of such tremendous quality on the monitors that I'm full of tension and excitement and want to stay for a long time."

Tabata brought up Final Fantasy Versus XIII in his next Tweet: "On that note, Versus. That scene in the PV. I think it will make you shake."

Hyped up about Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show promotional video showing yet?

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